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Head Coach Jeff Merrett

Martial Arts have been apart of Jeff's life since he was 12.  In the early 90's he started training BJJ and other grappling.  Currently, Jeff holds a Black Belt in BJJ, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Brown Belt in Judo.  As one of the Owners and Head Coach, Jeff has worked hard to create a culture within Guerrilla Fitness that honors members' journey towards their Martial Arts Goals.  He is excited to share in your journey with you!


Coach DeMarcus Sharpe 

DeMarcus has been train combat sports for nine years and instructing for seven.  His passion for teaching technical striking is evident in each class.  DeMarcus is a BJJ Brown Belt as well as being an accomplished MMA fighter to include earning an Ammy MMA Championship.  Having trained BJJ and MMA competitors of all ages, his good humor, and patient approach will have even newcomers to the sport felling every class is worth the hard work they are putting in.  


Coach Tyler Stodghill

Tyler has a true passion for helping his students improve. He sees himself as a student of the game, continuously growing in his Martial Arts journey and bring his student's skills up in the process.  He is a BJJ Purple belt and has been training for seven years and having fought MMA competitively for five.  Tyler's experience matched with his desire to improve his students has helped many members reach their Martial Arts goals.

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